Our Services


Bathroom Remodeling
Gift your bathroom a new facelift. One can imagine how the outlook of deteriorated bathroom can give you and guest an eyesore. On a special note, your bathroom makes a very important impression on your guests. We are the experts when it comes to bathroom remodeling.
Kitchen Modeling
Is there a need to remodel your kitchen and give it a modern look? With limited space and confined budget, our team of professionals can transform the existing outlay of kitchen into a fully automated haven that can make cooking a memorable experience.
Tiles and Floors
With a variety of tiles and floor of optimum quality, the company ensures that it offers customers long lasting tiles and flooring material. Provide impeccable and mint-looking material from wooden exterior to granite appearance that is awe-inspiring.
Parapet Walls
While, parapet walls are used for many purposes, they are specifically requited by the Building Code to be added to rooftops. At Ajrin Construction Inc, we help guarantee that these safety features are built on your property using the most reliable materials and comply with the guidelines stipulated by DOB.
Cement Work
Cement is acclaimed as the most resourceful home construction material in any construction project. The structure or precise mix of cement compound is of pivotal significance. Concrete outweighs wood as a substitute material in the constructions industry and concrete does not need to go through wear and tear.
When it comes to exterior décor or covering our team of professionals knows exactly what would be the perfect blend of sand, lime and water. If you want to have a lavish looking exterior, just brainstorm your thoughts with our project manager and would gladly walk you through other additives that can make the stucco stunning.