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Ajrin Construction Inc is a fully licensed, Insured Home Improvement Company, and one of NYC’s leading general contractors. We cover a substantial market area of New York City, Westchester County and City of Yonkers.

Ajrin Construction Inc has firmly established its existence all over the region of New York as a complete orchestrated-band construction company. The company’s engineers and designers ardently understand your specifications and develop the desired structure, accordingly. We take pride in offering customized and tailor-made construction-related services. Ajrin Construction Inc has proved its predominance in the arena of performing arts community, local foundations, and high-end residential buildings. This subtlety fuels our passion and consequently we work to enjoy in this way and gauge 100% customer satisfaction.

Ever had issues with vendors and subcontractors in the past? Have they exceeded your allocated budget or fall behind the allotted timeframe?

We can surely comprehend your apprehensions, as stated above. Let us wash away the opaqueness in your mind and provide you transparency and clarity. We inherit a team of amicable, fervent and understanding project managers who are not only intuitive but also committed in assuring that the projects are completed within the specified timeline and budget.

We have served New York City for several years and feel honored in providing our customers with premium services such as:

  • Dedicated project managers with relevant experience in the construction industry.
  • In-house specialist painting and finishes team for interior décor.
  • Formidable relationship with experienced subcontractors and vendors.
  • A smooth and process-driven approach in delivering projects on time, within budget, and no compromises on quality.


Understanding your needs and requirements for remodeling, our goal-oriented team of professionals provides you with umpteen numbers of options, which are not only enticing but also pocket-friendly.



At the heart of Ajrin Construction Inc customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. This is because we not only guarantee the quality of our work but fervent attitude exhibited by our professional project managers ensure 100% customer engagement.



No matter how exuberant the project may sound, Ajrin Construction Inc has worked arduously and burned the midnight oil to uphold its reputation. Zero-level tolerance within the company and full compliance as per the stipulated guidelines of DOB are company’s primary prerogatives.


Bathroom Remodeling
Gift your bathroom a new facelift. One can imagine how the outlook of deteriorated bathroom can give you and guest an eyesore. On a special note, your bathroom makes a very important impression on your guests. We are the experts when it comes to bathroom remodeling.
Kitchen Modeling
Is there a need to remodel your kitchen and give it a modern look? With limited space and confined budget, our team of professionals can transform the existing outlay of kitchen into a fully automated haven that can make cooking a memorable experience.
Tiles and Floors
With a variety of tiles and floor of optimum quality, the company ensures that it offers customers long lasting tiles and flooring material. Provide impeccable and mint-looking material from wooden exterior to granite appearance that is awe-inspiring.
Parapet Walls
While, parapet walls are used for many purposes, they are specifically requited by the Building Code to be added to rooftops. At Ajrin Construction Inc, we help guarantee that these safety features are built on your property using the most reliable materials and comply with the guidelines stipulated by DOB.
Cement Work
Cement is acclaimed as the most resourceful home construction material in any construction project. The structure or precise mix of cement compound is of pivotal significance. Concrete outweighs wood as a substitute material in the constructions industry and concrete does not need to go through wear and tear.
When it comes to exterior décor or covering our team of professionals knows exactly what would be the perfect blend of sand, lime and water. If you want to have a lavish looking exterior, just brainstorm your thoughts with our project manager and would gladly walk you through other additives that can make the stucco stunning.

Why Choose Us?

Ajrin Construction Inc. is a registered business with expertise in remodeling and renovation. Over the years, we have built lasting relationships with our customers by delivering high-quality work. Our policy is to use the best products available in the market to offer our customers real value for their money. We are able to handle all types of projects with ease and efficiency, as we have the required skills and the equipment to carry out the work. Our team is efficient and able to complete the projects on time with a focus towards customer satisfaction.

Our expertise combined with our experience is unmatched in NYC and surrounding areas.
We always follow DOB guidelines with proper permits from the concerned government agencies.
Our work is guaranteed and we aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction is our lifeblood

our skills

We are a team of experts who are sincere and credible when it comes to fulfilling your construction requirements with optimal quality, within your budget and on time. We are adept at keeping you updated with the latest demands, challenges and trends for improving your home and office. We work united as a team to provide the quality that our clients deserve relying upon the following skills and attributes.

  • A team of dedicated project managers and technical staff with relevant experience in the construction industry
  • In-house specialist painting and finishing team
  • A streamlined and highly process driven approach for delivering projects with high quality on time and on budget
Building Renovation
Project Management
Sustainable Building
Interior Design
Concrete Transport

our projects

Ajrin Construction strives to develop all projects with the utmost focus of timely delivery, quality material and staying within budget. With a diverse and extensive product portfolio we are the company for you when it comes to all your general contractor needs.

Brian, M.,

I am very much proud of the commitment, vision and quality of work Ajrin Construction Team has integrated through the design, construction and commissioning of our production facility. Teamwork is essential for the success of any project and that is the specialty of Ajrin Construction.

Sara, J.,
Project Engineer

Over the past few years, we have been in partnership with Ajrin Construction on a number of renovation projects. One of the projects was more enjoyable as it presented numerous logistical opportunities. Most importantly, the project was completed two weeks earlier and within our budget. It has always been a pleasure working Ajrin Construction.

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2475 TIEBOUT AVE, APT. # A22
BRONX NY 10458

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2475 TIEBOUT AVE, APT. # A22
BRONX NY 10458