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Offering You With Top-class Sheetrock Products, Best Solutions

Offering You With Top-class Sheetrock Products, Best Solutions

At Ajrin Construction Inc., we emphasize on providing you with premium services.  We offer a wide range of home improvement solutions & carry a full line of building products to suit all your building needs, irrespective of our customer’s budget. Most businesses flop when trying to distinguish between regular drywall and sheetrock. In order to meet requirements of your dry wall, we proudly offer you Sheetrock products (drywalls) that are available in various thicknesses, with each one achieving a certain need. Sheetrock fire resistant panels or walls are focused to avoid buildup of moisture. Let’s check some facts here about Sheetrock:


  • Sheetrock, a brand name for drywall
  • Specialized panels for specific needs
  • Offers clients specialized products
  • Fire-resistant panels or walls to help prevent build-up of moisture
  • Available in different thicknesses

Drywall, often called plasterboard or wallboard, is a major component of finishing an interior space. Prices depend on the type you choose, with thicker boards and soundproofing features available. Most drywall products contain powdered gypsum sandwiched between two layers of paper into a sheet. This is why some manufacturers call it sheetrock.

Other types of Gypsum Board:

Foil-Backed: Added moisture protection for cold climates.

Abuse-Resistant: Less likely to dent.

Fire-Resistant Drywall:

This product, sometimes called Type X, comes in thicker sheets. It may also have additional components like glass inside the board to slow burning. Contractors sometimes double up thinner boards for added fire protection.

If you want better insulation or a quick installation than other options like plaster, drywall is your best bet.

Is lightweight drywall as good as regular drywall?

Lightweight drywall is about 25% lighter in weight than the standard. This makes it easier to install, but not as effective for fire resistance or soundproofing.

Still Interested & want to get in touch before making your final decision? Well, look no further! Our highly qualified team will help you source the best products and materials for your job or project. Get in touch with us for further appointment or enquiries.

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