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Cabinets Installation

By repairing or installing cabinets within your home will help inject a new life into your home design. Ajrin Construction…


Most businesses fail when trying to differentiate between regular drywall and sheetrock. At Ajrin Construction Inc. we focus on providing you...


To personalize your space, the simplest and the easiest way is to give a fresh coat of paint. Ajrin Construction provides...


From brick repair to new roof installation, you can rely on Ajrin Construction Inc contractors to supply expert...


For Ajrin Construction Inc. our approach is not only to complete the required tasks, but our qualified and experienced experts...

Power Wash or Steam Clean

With steam cleaning and power wash, it will give your home a total brand new look. Most importantly, after power wash...

Parapet Walls

While, parapet walls are used for many purposes, they are specifically requited by the Building Code to be added to…


With a variety of tiles and floor of optimum quality, the company ensures that it offers customers…


Your roof makes up a little more than a quarter of your exterior. So, if there’s any damage to your…

Concrete & Repairs

For concrete repairing, the most important thing to consider is what’s the root cause of your problem? Ajrin Construction Inc proudly...


If you do not want to go through lengthy process of pointing, then Thorocoat is a perfect solution for you…


Pointing” is defined as a finishing touch to mortar joints in stone or brick which can form part of home renovations. When such ...

Cement Work

Cement is acclaimed as the most resourceful home construction material in any construction project.


Extreme weather conditions and excessive use can all result in wear and tear of your driveway...


Concrete sidewalks and driveways are not resistant to either mildew and mold process...


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