Brownstone Repair in Bronx

From brick repair to new roof installation, you can rely on Ajrin Construction Inc contractors to supply expert quality products and artisans for your Brownstone needs. Brownstone Repair services are no joke. It takes skill and the proper knowledge to do correctly. Ajrin Construction Inc takes pride in being educated professionals with the training and experience to back up the quality of services we offer homeowners in the NYC area. You can expect us to use the best equipment and safest, highest standard of workmanship when completing your New York City Brownstone Repair job. Our contractors don’t cut corners – we get the job done right, and ensure not only your complete satisfaction with our services but long-lasting results.

Quality Brownstone Repair for Home Improvement

Understanding the importance of great architecture, we are committed to deliver quality workmanship and focus on meeting deadlines. We have performed successful projects throughout New York City and are your go-to professional for brownstone repair services. Being attractive and reasonably strong, Brownstone is subject to various problems over time. Having an expert and experienced workmanship of AJRIN CONSTRUCTION INC. artisans ensures exact repair work, maintaining your brownstone building in stable, strong, and appealing condition for a number of years to come!


Why Does Brownstone Need Repair?

The cold Boston weather puts brownstone through a freeze-drying process, which causes a lot of damage. Some construction techniques accelerate the process of natural decay of brownstone. If the composition of the mortar used to repoint the building is not appropriate, the brownstone could be damaged.
Ajrin Construction Inc, we analyze the cause of damage and come up with suitable remedies to repair brownstone. Over the years, we have successfully repaired and renovated numerous brownstone buildings in New York.

Why Ajrin Construction Inc

Ajrin Construction Inc is a fully licensed, Insured Home Improvement Company, and one of NYC’s leading general contractors. Services are Brownstone Repair, Steam Cleaning, Repointing, Painting, Block and Brick, Special Rigger, Roofing, Water Proof, and Remodeling. Guaranteed Best Painting Services.