If you do not want to go through lengthy process of pointing, then Thorocoat is a perfect solution for you to choose. Ajrin Construction Inc will provide you exclusive access to Thorocoat in order to protect your property from rain and humidity and promote an increase in overall lifespan. Ajrin Construction Inc provides services for concrete and masonry structures, color fading resistance, and erosion resistance. We also offer services related to efficient water resistance capabilities and decorative and structure enhancing appearance abilities. “Thorocoat” is a product used by AJRIN CONSTRUCTION INC for the overall advantage of our valued customers! It’s basically a product being utilized on brick structures in order to increase their life term and as a camouflage for suffice color fading. We also offer you a wide range of color choices both for interior and exterior applications while categorizing products as:


  • Cement-based coatings
  • Waterproof coatings
  • High-build acrylic coating