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We pride ourselves in assisting families in returning their home to its prior beauty. Our team of stucco repair experts has seen it all and is happy to fix any Stucco repair job you can throw their way. The smallest cracks can quickly take on a larger form. If you need Stucco repairing Contractor New York Bronx we’re here to serve you.


Ugly-looking stucco cracks and brown streaks are definitely not our favorite. The perfect way to do your home renovation is to replace or repair any damaged stucco or install brand new stucco repair. Ajrin Constructions Inc specializes in a wide range of stucco repair services and is designed specifically to providing you top-quality solutions. For your commercial siding needs, stucco siding will be the best solution. We, Ajrin Construction Inc fix all issues regarding stucco repairing. Our qualified experts are here to provide the best services for stucco repairing waterproofing. To overcome degenerative problems, stucco is the best solution.  Repair work sealed under a color coat will allow for a more solid finished product.

WE Can Refinish Your Stucco

Intimidated by this seemingly daunting project? Don’t be. If you have the will and a whole day (or two) to yourself, you can refinish the stucco floors in the major areas of your home. You don’t necessarily need to sand. Ajrin Construction Inc for anywhere from 4-48 hours. Here’s how to refinish your Stucco.

Stucco Then & Now

Stucco has been in use for centuries. The Romans used lime stuccos on the interiors and exteriors of their buildings. In early America, lime and sand stucco was commonly used to decorate and weatherproof masonry buildings. Lime stucco is a very different material from stucco made with Portland cement. Lime stuccos and mortars are prized for their soft qualities (the material is sacrificial to the masonry) and their unique self-healing properties. Marty’s choice of Type N mortar is approximately 1 part Portland cement to 1¼ parts lime and 7 to 9 parts sand.) For each type, always repair with in-kind materials

Our Services
Ajrin Construction Inc is a high demand for stucco repairs. If you’re noticing small cracks or chips it’s likely that it’s just the beginning of a much larger problem. Don’t procrastinate in finding a stucco contractor if you notice any such issues. You’ll want to search for stucco companies in New York to resolve these problems quickly. we can get you fixed up quickly and at a great price.