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Nyc Chooses Ethanol Fireplaces

Wish to have a fireplace in your newly renovated house and apartment? While, the NYC Dept. of Buildings is continuing to stress upon the importance of contributing towards energy efficiency, Ethanol fireplaces are slowing become a favorite amongst many New Yorkers.

Not only are they excellent for the cold New York winters, but they make it increasingly easy to comply with the DOB’s Building and Energy Conservation code.

Ideal for the environment

Ethanol fireplaces are an excellent alternate to wood burning fireplaces. They make use of renewable source of fuel that leaves an increasingly smaller ecological footprint.

They are relatively easy to install

Ethanol fireplaces are slowly becoming our most favorite, as they are quite simple in construction and there is absolutely no need for a chimney or a massive installation. Since, these are easily portable and doesn’t require any venting or electricity, they are also easy to be incorporated into any new and retrofitted spaces, indoors and outside.

Did we not mention that they are very easy to use?

Unlike traditional fireplaces that are almost impossible to be maintained in New York, because who in new can chop wood, drag it inside and struggle with ignition? Ethanol fireplaces are easy to use and are just about perfect for New Yorkers. With an Ethanol fireplace installed, all you need to do is take a bottle of ethanol, pour it into the fireplace and ignite it with a long lighter.

Safer than traditional fireplaces

In addition to not producing any unpleasant looking soot that can ruin the look of your walls and/or your ceilings, Ethanol fireplaces are safe for your health. Not only do you avoid any ashes that may remain as liquid vaporizes, it also doesn’t emit dangerous fumes. Moreover, they also don’t produce

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