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Home Remodeling During Covid-19





While the early closing of companies put an abrupt stop to most current renovation jobs and ideas, the long stay at home period has had many proprietors looking around their kitchen and bath and rethinking about the necessity to revamp. The sluggish business pace and fact that many individuals do have more leisure time on their hands now supposedly means it is an ideal time to investigate and plan a new kitchen or remodel.

But can a remodel take place during this time?

Let us gaze at some different phases of remodeling and the pros and cons of refurbishing during this time.

New Home Renovation

Believe it or not this is an perfect time for preparation of a new home renovation. The additional time stuck athome means time to look around your home and take note of what really troubles you or you desire you could redo. Moreover, at this time you are probably using your kitchen more than you ever did

before and are noticing the structures you love or hate about your existing kitchen. Being incapable of going out to the malls, movies and bars means additional time to surf online. Adding to social media platforms like Pinterest you can devote your time browsing sites like Houzz or Better Homes Magazines and look through Portfolio’s and projects that different remodeling contractors have done for ideas and motivation. Lastly, at this sluggish business time, interior designers have more time and perseverance to converse ideas and you may even be able to get yourself a great agreement if you can commit to some kind of plan with a contractor. Virtual walkthroughs, remote consultations and wireframes and design drawings can all be done from the care and coziness of your home!

Mid Design and Remodel Planning

If you had either just engaged in a contract or are someplace in middle of the design or remodel planning do not despair! Most kitchen and bathroom designers as well as contractors can do a lot more than you consider distantly. Again, the extra time you and your contractor or designer has means you can ensure no decision is rushed and you are happy with every step of the plans. Working out the permits needed and working on filling out forms and submitting is also something that can be done at this time that is often a factor in delaying construction. Make the most of this time to save time!

During remodeling or construction

This one is can be tricky. Depending on where you are up to with the construction and whether you are living in the same space as the renovation is taking place will be the deciding factors in how much gets stalled. If the remodeling is taking place in a home or location that no one is actually living in at the moment, or if you have the option of moving out, you will be more able to safely allow workers and contractors to get on with more. If you have already ordered and received materials, depending on where you live there may be safe ways to allow contractors to continue work, still ensuring safety to all workers and your family. Work my need to be rearranged, such as plumbing before electricity depending on the contractors and materials involved. You should ensure that workers are all wearing masks and gloves and social distancing is adhered to.

Wherever you are in the remodeling phase, remember your contractor desires just as much (and probably much more) to be able to complete your renovation. Keep in mind priorities and make the most of the time you spend in your home, if you have just renovated enjoy the extended time in your new space and if you are not yet there keep imagining how much you will enjoy it!

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