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Essential Tips And Tricks Of Painting Walls

Painting walls is a simple task that requires precision and experience. Whether you hire a professional contractor or decide to paint the walls yourself, you need to account for various factors to increase the durability of the paint. While it may not seem like a big enough task in the beginning, painting requires choosing the right paint and materials for optimum results. Factors such as weather conditions and the surface of the wall need to be considered while painting walls. Here are a few tips and tricks of painting walls to help increase its life, color, and overall results.

Choosing the right Paint

When painting walls, you need to determine the type of surface and shortlist the type of paint that best compliments its structure. For example, painting a wooden wall will be different than painting a concrete wall. For wooden walls, you can use any form of paint as it bonds well with the surface. However, painting a concrete wall requires assessing its surroundings. If you are painting a living room wall, you can go ahead with water paints or matt finish paints, but if you are painting a bathroom wall, which is moist and humid, you need to consider your options. When painting a bathroom wall its best you use oil based paints as they keep the moisture from wearing off the paint. Using a water based paint would reduce the life of the paint, causing it to wear off easily.

Choosing the right color

Paints come in many variants and colors, which is why it is best to choose the right color before you paint your walls. The color and contrast of the paint can significantly affect the brightness of your room. A dark paint would

reduce the effect of lights in the room and would require installation of additional lights. For places that require

bright lightssuch as the kitchen painting, using  dark paints would lower visibility. It is best to use dark colors for

 areas that can do with fewer lights, such as the garage or the lounge. For bedrooms and living rooms, it is best to use light and bright colors as they liven up the room. But painting home is totally different.

Choosing the right materials
When you are painting the walls yourself, you need to choose the right materials to make the task easier. With limited expertise and fewer resources, painting walls can take longer than expected. However, if you have the right tools and equipment, you can paint the walls in a time-efficient manner. Another benefit of using the right tools is that they affect the texture and finishing of the paint. For example, use rollers to cover larger areas of the wall, as it would help in completing the task sooner. Rollers can cover large areas in a short amount of time and give better results compared to a paintbrush. Brushes are mostly used to cover smaller areas like the edges or corners of the wall.

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