Are you going to remodel your bathroom any time soon? Then you must know the new trends which are going to rule the chart in the coming year. As bathroom modeling is an expensive investment, you need to consider the functionality aspects also along with the novelty which can sustain for the next 15 – 20 years. Before approaching the Bathroom Remodeling Services, you can take a look at the designing trends so that you can guide them to a satisfactory direction. The huge variety of bathroom trends which include minimalist designs apt for apartment and lavish set up with Jacuzzi, bathtub and walk through shower are here from which you can select your style.

Optimal Spacing: Bathroom is the place where one can relax and rejuvenate. For that reason, the place should be comfortable and fresh. You can create more space by transferring the washer and dryer to somewhere else if possible. If it is not the feasible option, then you can create an optical illusion by making some basic changes. For example, you can add bigger tiles and install mirrors on the wall to create a spacious look.

Vintage Design: Vintage is the hot trend in every sphere and Bathroom Remodeling Services are not an exception. You can try vintage mirror or light fixture to add some old essence to your restroom. You can also reuse any of your old furniture and make it a special part of your personal heaven. The look will be complete with ceramic tiles with patterns.

Basic Bathroom Design: Something which will never go out of style is the basic simple design. A clean and refined style is suitable for any age and time. In the contemporary style, you can use warmer tones like earthy colors, grey shades and white which are prominent in the list.

Ceramic, Marble and Terrazzo: Ceramic is the all time favorite bathroom decor material. From the shower to the floor, you will get all the options in ceramic for Bathroom Remodeling Services. Now ceramic tiles with different shapes, colors and patterns are available to enhance the dignity of the place. Marble is also a great choice which is not showing any out of trend sign for the upcoming year. Terrazzo is the new option which is made of marble and quartz. It is now widely used as the countertops, wall refacing and backsplashes.

Simple Storage: The usage of the cabinet has been redefined in the new age Bathroom Remodeling Services. You need to shelve the unused spaces and make it sleek and stylish storage suitable only for the essential and frequently used products.