Prepared  Roof For Upcoming Winter Season

Making sure that your roof is always in top shape before the cold season strikes is a valuable aspect of damage prevention. You’re able to protect your beautiful roof against water damage and mildew growth if you practice regular roofing maintenance. Here are some helpful tips you can do in preparing your roof for the upcoming festive season.



1. Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

Roof gutters and downspouts should be free of any obstruction to prevent damage and water build-up. Be sure to use protective gloves when removing debris to prevent cuts and bruises. Also, have your loose gutters and cracked downspouts repaired immediately.


2. Roof Debris Removal

You can’t just leave your roof filled with debris like twigs, pine needles, and leaves because they can cause serious damage to your roof shingles or tiles. Since your roof is continuously exposed to weather elements, debris may also contribute to mildew or algae growth, causing your roof to deteriorate much faster.



3. Inspect for Any Apparent Roof Damage

When searching for obvious roof damages, you can check for missing shingles, exposed nails, metal rust, or cracked tiles. Roof shingles, for instance, become susceptible to further damage once they begin to lose their granules. Damaged underlayment also requires serious attention, particularly if you see some leaves or twigs lodged underneath, so make sure to inspect it as well.



4. Flashing Inspection

Flashing is an essential roofing component that is designed to help prevent leaks. In most instances, strong winds and freezing temperatures will cause roof flashing to uproot or tear up. Don’t forget to inspect for bent flashing around skylights, chimneys, or any roof termination like eaves and edges. Remember that any type of roof deterioration may lead to expensive repairs.

5. Cutting Down Tree Branches

Make sure to trim any tree branches that are hanging on top of your roof. Cutting them prior to the winter season may hinder these branches from being weighed down by heavy snow.



6. Check For Insulation In Your Attic

Damaged insulation may lead to algae or fungus growth once your insulation becomes wet. This also causes your utility bills to go up during the winter season. Before you replace the insulation, have your damaged roof shingles or metal sheets that cause water to penetrate the attic repaired first.


7. Go For The Perfect Timing

If you wish not to put maintenance effort into waste, make sure to inspect the status of your roof during fall. It’s recommended to conduct a roof inspection after you have removed all the debris to help you find the problems easily. However, for your own safety, you should let the professionals do the inspection and maintenance instead of doing it yourself.



8. Hire A Professional Roofer

Consider hiring professional roofing contractors in NYC to see if your roof is in good condition or if the damage seems beyond your capacity. Experienced roofers are capable enough to tell you whether your roof will need significant repairs or not. Roofing contractors in NYC can walk you through how to inspect roof damage, so you will know what to expect once you hire them.



9. No Winter Decor On Your Roof

If winter decorations form part of your family traditions, be sure not to nail them straight on your roof. If possible, avoid using any portion of your roof to hang your decorations, including blow-up and winter lights.



10. Check Any Presence Of Animals

If there’s any presence of damage on your roof, wild animals may potentially invade your house. Before sealing off the damaged roof, regularly inspect your roof for an animal presence like a bird’s nest or breeding spots to prevent these pesky animals from inhabiting your attic space.


Inspecting your roof for the coming winter must form part of your annual home maintenance efforts. After all, the primary purpose of the roof is to protect your precious home from the effects of freezing temperatures and snowfall during winter. If you need a thorough inspection of your current roof or if you don’t have time to assess your roof, the experts of Ajrin Construction Inc. are here to save you from lots of troubles.