When living in New York what initially attracts you is the charm of its fast-paced life. However, with time it could get a little hectic and you can release off the stress of busy schedules by making your home a peaceful place to come to. The kitchen is an important part of your home and having a welcoming space to cook and eat encourages you to eat healthily and stay fit. If you are thinking to remodel your kitchen this year, here are the 10 best kitchen trends that will be a rage in 2019. – lulzbot taz pro

Brightening the Space with the Use of Soothing Shades

One of the best kitchen trends is adding color to space. You must have seen a number of kitchens that have a completely white or single colored theme with the same color of cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. A pure white theme is not practical for the cooking enthusiasts as it makes it extremely convenient to get the place stained. New trends in New York city kitchens entails adding more color to their kitchens in order to break away from the single colored scheme kitchens. Coloring your kitchen offer endless possibilities with backsplash motifs, accents walls, and other accessories of the kitchen. Now the question arises that which colors you must choose. In case you have an open style kitchen, make sure to choose a color scheme that complements your rest of the house. Your kitchen must look a part of your house to maintain that welcoming feel. According to home décor experts, choosing a shade for your kitchen theme that exudes color of your favorite food makes your kitchen extremely appealing for you. Some of the colors that will be preferred for kitchen themes in 2019 would be olive green and dark blue. You may also choose from bright spicy color tones or from the range of rich creamy colors.

LED – A Smart Way of Lighting for Your Kitchen

While the right choice of color theme truly brightens up your space, the need for bright and energy efficient lighting solution is another rising kitchen trend of 2019. The modern trend of lighting using LED has now become much more affordable and many people have actually started preferring LED lights as they are truly making many lives brighter around us. Previously LED lights were an object of amazement when they are used in the dial and clock lighting. However, with a rapid pace of technological advancements now the innovative choices in LED lighting offer unbelievably flexible choices for effective lighting in your living space. Even though LED lighting is still an expensive lighting solution in terms of initial installation as compared to incandescent lighting, LED lighting has been positioned as one of the best kitchen trends because of its long term cost effectiveness. The LED lighting is bright and highly energy efficient that allows you to save a great deal of money in terms of utility bills. Another reason for LED lighting being one of the Kitchen trends in NYC is that it gives out more effective and durable brightness when compared to halogen lights that usually do not live up to their initial hype.

Ceiling Treatments

Considering that the kitchen ceilings are not directly associated with the main objective of the kitchen that is food preparation, it has been the most ignored aspect of the previous kitchen trends in NYC. However, new trends in New York City kitchens have finally considered the importance of ceiling treatments. It is going to be one of the best kitchen trends that will ensure that your newly modeled kitchen according to the kitchen trends of 2019 will always stay in style. All it requires you is to pay a little more attention to your kitchen ceiling and above lighting choice and it will have a pleasant effect on the overall look, feel, and utility of your redesigned kitchen. A thoughtful, artistic, and practical ceiling treatment that supplements the change you wish to bring in your kitchen is going to be a valuable decision that takes a good effort of remodeling a kitchen and turns it into a great one.

Use of Terrazzo

One of the most preferred materials that is making a comeback with kitchen trends in 2019 as a stylish accent surface is Terrazzo. It has been extensively used as flooring in a public institution such as schools and hospitals, which speaks for its durability. Terrazzo is now being used in different construction and renovation projects and would be a great addition to the latest kitchen trends in NYC. At present, the use of terrazzo is not just limited to flooring and being extensively used as countertops in hotels, restaurants, and bar. This Italian style is even being used a wall facing by a few interior designers. In 2019, Terrazzo has made its way into the kitchens and the idea is worthwhile. It offers unlimited color combinations to complement your overall space as Terrazzo is composed of a number of different material including pieces of marble, quartz, and granite.


Another rising kitchen trend of 2019 is the use of diverse materials to give an innovative look to your kitchen. Terrazzo is not going to replace the ever-popular charm of marble. Kitchen trends of 2019 would witness an increase in the use of high contrasting and bold colored pieces of marble for kitchen islands that are going to add a dramatic appeal to your space. It will be one of the best kitchen trends that would assure an exclusive and a potentially lavish appearance for your kitchen.

Open Shelving for Kitchen Storage

Addition of open shelves in one of the new trends in New York City kitchens that is perfect to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. It allows you to break away from the traditional cabinets particularly when you have attractive china. A large number of people are preferring this solution as it allows to integrate your beautiful tableware as the décor for your space. This idea is well sought after particularly for the table such as china plates and crystal glasses that you regularly use. If you are worried about storing utensil in absence of cabinets, kitchen trends of 2019 include the idea of using wall racks to hand your utensils. This not only makes your kitchen look and feel airier but also provides with easy access to all your daily use utensils. It is recommended to store expensive dishware in closed cabinets in order to keep them safe. Open shelves also allow you to store a few kitchen items in wooden containers and glass jars. In this way, it will be easy to access cutlery and food items and they would also serve as décor for your space. This attractive display of cutlery and food items would tempt you to take benefit of your beautiful kitchen by cooking more often at home. This will help you avoid eating unhealthy and expensive junk food and will encourage you to cook and eat healthy food at home that will be less expensive and helps you stay fit.

Use of Metro Tiles

Metro tile is another best kitchen trend that will still be popular in 2019 in terms of ceramics. It is one of the valuable kitchen trends in NYC when you wish to remodel your kitchen but you have a limited budget. Metro tiles are being used in a number of different types of kitchen décor. They equally complement a kitchen with a rather antique ambiance as well as one with a more modern look.

Patterned Tiles

The new trends in New York City kitchens also include the use of greatly patterned tiles in case you do not wish to have the metro style tiles. However, always make sure that you may not go overboard with these unique tiles. The use for ceramics according to the kitchen trends in 2019 include using patterned tiles to create a focal point for an accent piece in your kitchen, for instance, the backsplash over the cooktop or the outer boundary of the kitchen island.

Matte Tiles for a Traditional Look

In addition to that, if you wish to have a comparatively more traditional style, you could also opt for matter tiling option. You can use matter tile also in the same way you may use patterned tiles. Matte tiles also offer a good option for kitchen flooring as well.

Futuristic Approach for a Trendy Kitchen

As 2019 have already started, new trends in New York City kitchens entails that efforts associated with redesigning and remodeling of the kitchen must follow a futuristic approach. It is important to make sure the ideas for renovating your kitchen are in accordance with the kitchen trends of 2019 before you pay your contractor. Remember that a trendy yet practical kitchen offers a welcoming feel. A trendy kitchen not only makes your space worthwhile of living but also adds up to the overall value of your house in case you wish to sell it.